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Book:-  The Pilgrimage Novel  by Paulo Coelho 

The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho pdf free download is the principal book by a Brazilian writer. Paulo Coelho, and converted into English by Alan Clarke. As a fan of the Tradition, at 38 years of age, Paulo commits the error. At the service of his appointment as a Master of the Order of RAM. Accepting he is deserving of the sword, and afterward discovers that he should venture to every part of the Road to Santiago de Castelin. (otherwise known as the Jacobean course, the Milky Way) in Spain, to discover it.
This book is his record of that journey, embraced in 1986 with a Master of RAM direct, Petrus. Already distributed as The Diary of a Magus, this is clearly genuine. yet regularly peruses like fiction. His story incorporates an evil presence in the pretense of a rover, a had a puppy. A guide whose counsel is regularly mysterious or enigmatic. It includes a liberal aiding of imagery. Many (once in a while trite) axioms, and eleven ceremonial activities. that every Pilgrim must practice. Monotonous, skirting on exhausting, this feels all around invented.
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