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Book:- Gurez Novel by Aziz Ahmad

Gurez Novel by Aziz Ahmad free download pdf is a great romantic fantasy. Regarded as one of the best Urdu novels is now available on this site.

Aziz Ahmad’s Guraiz which got distribute. Sometime in the 1940s is an enchanting story of a youthful Indian civil servant’s movements. Through Europe and his encounters through adoration and life. Diversely, Guraiz was likewise an extremely dynamic novel. The plot entwine with sentiment and Europe’s appeal. Which was totally in opposition to the dynamic writing of that time.
The tone of the novel wasn’t forceful either. Be that as it may. the blending of genders and depiction of Europe’s autonomous society. Made it a novel much relatively revolutionary. The fundamental thought of the novel typified the best interest of an Indian young fellow of that time. to encounter the appeal and magnificence of Europe.
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