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Book:- Iss Dil Main Basy Ho Tum Novel By Anum Khan 

Iss Dil Main Basy Ho Tum Novel By Anum Khan download pdf is a social romantic novel and its complete version is now available on freebooksmania.

This novel is authored by Anum Khan who has authored many novels and short stories although she is an emerging novelist and almost new in this field. Her novel is now catching audiences day by day and its episodes are now consecutively published in the Monthly Digest. The story of this novel is about friendship that is not a blood relation but stronger than many roots. There are four friends whose lives are obsessed and after a long time, they cross each other path and decide to sort out their problems.
Life is full of surprises so do our feelings for someone. They are crushed manipulated and played by the ones who claim to be our lovers. Read more by downloading this novel in pdf format below: