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Aik Kahani novel by Inayatullah pdf download is now on freebooksmania.Inayat Ullah was a journalist, war freelancer and a legendary urdu novelist author of”Hikayat” magazine .Aik Kahani novel by Inayatullah pdf download is a great book explaining the incidents of life,full of twists and unpredictable story. The author’s life is fascinating how he became a war correspondent and his career is full of many achievements and distinctions both as a writer and as a journalist. He was a great fan of Sultan Salaah ud Ayubi and loved his personality and you can say that it was a fact of nature he died on the same date when Sultan died. His work is an asset of Urdu of  literature. He has an art to write things so that a reader considers it happening before him. freebooksmania provides the download link of this book in pdf  format below:

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