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Ishq Ka Sheen By Aleemul Haq complete pdf is a story of love,a story how to rach the highest level of love.pure love is considered to be the most powerful wealth in the world which can turns everything change a person life completely make him a saint. The story of the novel ebook free download is of a boy who is hindu and fall in love with a girl who is muslim but due to some problems he cannot achieve her but in the emotions he taste the virtual love”ishq e Majazi”.The boy change his religion and becomes muslim his path now completely clear and vague a path where now nobody can distract him a path where all the wealth,luxury and happiness become worthless.He moves to the higher level of “Ishq e Haqiqi” the true love of Allah.The story of this free download ebook will surely inspire you and you will feel the pain of love.You may also like Ishq Ka Ain By Aleemul Haq .This novel comes with seven parts and all of them is provided below by Free Books Mania:
Part 1-4
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Part 5                                     
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Part 6

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