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This famous novel ‘Peer e Kamil Novel By Umera Ahmad pdf free download’ is written by Umaira Ahmad and it’s about the eternal beauty of love, the love of Highest Being Almighty, which becomes from the love of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).  This love changes the entire life, smooths the fidgets in any temperament, brings religious maturity and ends up in eternal satisfaction and success. the most characters of this novel got entangled during this love. How, when, where….etc, this can be the particular story.

Salazar Sikandar” is one in all the most characters WHO belongs to a really affluent and liberal family. he’s Associate in Nursing astonishing young boy with an additional normal I.Q of 150+. he’s very ungrateful for all of his talents as he continually tries to kill not as a result of he’s sad along with his life however as a result of he desires to kill to style the foremost intolerable reality of the planet.
The other main character is ‘Immama Hashim’. She may be an undergraduate WHO studies drugs and needs to become a doctor. Her family belongs to a sect referred to as ‘Qadiyani’, and she or he doesn’t believe that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is that the last Prophet of Supreme Being. therefore during this novel, she starts finding out Islam with the assistance of her 2 friends ‘Sabiha’ and ‘Jawairiya’. when finding Islam, she contravenes her family’s faith. Imma conjointly finds the thanks to eternal success. Peer e Kamil is the best one

 This can be a mystery for you however when reading this novel, however, the mystery makes itself discovered in your minds, that’s the particular fantastic thing about this novel and affirmative, conjointly of the writer’s mental clarity concerning this idea.

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