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Namal novel by Nimra Ahmed is another famous name in novel writing.She has a trend of introducing religion into the events written in the form of stories so that a person can be spiritually motivated. Namal urdu pdf ebook free download novel is very perfectly narrated with many characters having different stories and precisely played.

The novel book story initiates by Faris Ghazi a former intelligence officer convicted for multiple murders including his step brother,his wife and nephew too.Whereas his nephew aunt is district attorney who also lost her kidney in a assault assumed by Faris so she also file case against him.

Namal novel includes conspiries perfectly arranged as the result of misunderstandings by Hashim who is the main part of the novel who plays a devil role in the whole scenario.He makes the whole plot to kill his family members in order to hide his corruption charges and several other cases.

Nimra Ahmad has written the novel with so elegent perfection that during reading you will find yourself getting more involved in it although the novel is full of philosphic thoughts and faiths that actually make a man stronger. The download button is below
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Namal by Nimra Ahmed free download pdf