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Ishq Ka Ain by Aleemul Haq Haqi free download is now available on freebooksmania. He writes in the urdu urdu suspense digest. He is very famous in this era for composing many novels which all have a very deep message but Ishq Ka Ain by Aleemul Haq Haqi free download is the best of all.The novel explains the true achievement and motive of love.”Ishq e Haqiqi” is the purest form of love and the path to it goes through “Ishq e Majazi”.The writer tells us about a poor person who leave his house to earn fortune but during his conquest he fall in love with a woman as there is a huge difference of class between the man and his love.He becomes a saint and prays for others,his all prays are approved in the court of Allah Almighty. This romantic novel ebook is really something and make us believe, achievement of something is not getting something sometimes you can take much when you don’t have anything.You may also like Ishq ka Sheen by Aleemul Haq .Free books mania has provided the link below click to download the novel:
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