Students know very well that time is their enemy if they neglect it. If you fail to manage your time, lots of essays will be left undone or poorly written. The worst thing is when you write a thoughtful academic paper but then realize that its deadline is over. In most cases, professors cancel out the whole investigatory process and even do not look at your essay if you are late. As a result, it decreases your grade and overall rating and irrevocably leads to frustration.

The nerve-wracking question of many students is “How to write an essay fast?” Putting those harsh time limits seems to be incredibly unfair because every student has an individual writing pace. What one writes in an hour, another one needs days to complete the same task. To justify your lateness, you can also appeal to project overload. You’d been burning the midnight oil for so long, but suddenly you were so tired and fell asleep. After waking up and realizing you lack time to complete your paper, you start Googling to find information, which resonates with your topic and start paraphrasing it fervently. Soon you realize that the quality of your writing is significantly compromised when you simply rewrite the thoughts of others instead of gaining independent insights.

To tell you the truth, writing an essay in an hour is possible. Writers at complete such tasks effectively. However, the process should entail some prior knowledge of the subject and a flash of genius. It means your brain has to be fully energized, and you need to feel inspired to let your thoughts flow effortlessly and coherently. Of course, an hour and even several hours are never enough to produce an extended essay, which consists of more than 1500 words and demands an in-depth investigation or a survey. Yet, writing up to 1000 words in an hour is not a supernatural ability. In some cases, you do not even need a plan for your paper if its type is descriptive or narrative. In other instances, it is crucial to have an outline. One more secret is to immerse in speed writing skills from time to time to let your brain get used to the sudden acceleration of the creative mode.

When surfing the web, you may find additional tips on crafting a 500-word, a 1000-word, and even a 1500-word essay in an hour. Still, we want you to remember: speed writing should never discredit the quality of your work. If you sense that your ideas flow in a vague stream of consciousness, stop for a second and evaluate what you are writing about. It is crucial not to forget the main viewpoint of your essay and not to lose the connection of your perspectives with the unifying thesis statement. For this reason, our expert minds created a special checklist for writing an essay. You will finally learn to manage your time and meet deadlines without any issues.

Resort to academic planning and divide your tasks into clusters of time


The main academic challenge is that you have to cope with an abundance of projects. Some homework deadlines almost intersect, and you should manage to meet them all.

Despite your preferences, all deadlines are important because every professor is like a guardian of one’s discipline. Your preferences should not predetermine your attitude to one subject’s relevance over the other one. Indeed, it may happen that you have come up with insightful ideas regarding the exact subject, so you start working on the project, which evokes utmost interest. At the same time, another project with a similar deadline has been left out. Do your best to create outlines for both projects. Set a timer when planning one essay, and when the alarm goes off, set a different timer to jot down your thoughts for another research paper.

Thorough planning evokes many essential insights you have not even expected to gain. It really does not matter what type of assignment you are outlining for. It helps to reduce the time you would dedicate to brainstorming and envisioning the end result.

It is also beneficial to estimate how much time you will potentially spend on the exact paper. For instance, as a college student, it can be possible to produce from 10 to 15 pages in five hours. In other deadline-pressing instances, you can try to devote only 2 hours to an 8-page essay. This mission is also realistic if you endeavored to create a step-by-step plan for this kind of assignment.

If you have only one hour, meeting the deadline is risky. Yet, it depends on the number of words and your awareness of the subject, and the steps, which should be implemented.

Delve into the essay prompt to understand all aspects of the research


Never start writing if you have not analyzed the essay prompt and the possible solutions to the problem posed. While it can be clear right from the start, some topics are multi-layered, so they require more sophisticated scrutiny. If you fully understand what the major idea is, only, in this case, get down to the writing process.

A paradoxical tip is “When you are rushing, act as if you are not”. Despite the augmented writing pace, struggling to meet your deadline, repeat every word you write in your head to make sure that you do not diverge from the subject. Being under tension and frustration, your brain may miss the significant ideas and produce lots of wordy sentences. Yet, if you previously evaluated your essay prompt from A to Z, your brain has processed it finely, so it is likely your rushed writing is still logical and reflects the dominant point. It is also helpful to highlight the instructional words present in your title.

These phrases may be call-to-action or encourage analysis. It serves as a kind of trick that forces your mind to focus properly on the very task you have to accomplish. Also, if you do not understand some parts of the prompt, do not hesitate to ask your instructor for more detailed explanations.

Start researching in advance whenever you have an Internet connection


It will be easier to adhere to your deadline if you start researching the topic right after the assignment is given to you. For instance, your class has finished, and you have some time before your next lecture starts. Make use of the Internet connection in the halls to embark upon the initial investigation. It is important not to be carried away and dedicate an ultimate time for researching without compromising the time for other student activities.

To save some time, you can begin directly with a keyword search for your essay.
Knowing your keywords will help you reduce unnecessary phrases. It will contribute to faster writing as well.

Although grammar and stylistics are the essential forming elements of your essay, do not focus much on perfect sentence structures while researching. You will polish your ideas later. Moreover, doing research does not entail mere reading. Jot down every aspect of the topic, which seems to be compelling. It is also favorable to save bookmarks of the most useful web pages to find them without difficulty.

Make your thesis statement and arguments impeccable


If you grasp the research question, then you also know what key elements to include in your thesis statement. Remember once and for all: the thesis should be always located in the introductory part. Rushing to meet your deadline, it is essential to have all the key points outlined. You will likely fail if you have not come up with an intriguing thesis statement and enticing arguments beforehand. In contrast, if you previously focused on crafting those research elements, then you will be confident in your further writing, no matter the chosen speed. Besides, it would be great if you ponder on the central hook of your introduction. If the essay involves personal elements, then it is always advantageous to provide real-life examples, something peculiar from your experience.

If you keep your thesis statement in mind, every argument you have experimented with should answer a question, “Do those ideas support my thesis?” Exclude all the parts of your essays, which do not have enough supporting evidence. Even if you came up with a brilliant idea but it is not related to your topic, you should save it for alternative research but exclude it from this paper.

Look through the final draft and draw strong conclusions


You do not want to compromise the value of your research by making up a weak conclusion. It is especially challenging if you truly lack time. The main tip here is to recapitulate your thesis statement and end with a surprisingly fresh relation to the topic. The way you conclude will influence your target audience. A strong conclusion may instigate subsequent profound research in the field and even result in precious contributions. Although there should be an element of freshness and not only reiteration of your previous ideas, be careful not to introduce completely new-fangled concepts. It will only confuse your readers and fellow students.

You must leave the impression of a deep researching potential. Your readers should appraise your efforts, thinking of you as a well-versed young expert in the given field of study.
Last but not least, if you want to convince your target audience that your research is relevant and thought-provoking, then the primary step to success is turning in your essay on time.