Private pdf free download is a thriller and mystery novel written by a very well-known American author and most trusted storyteller, James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.

Plot of the novel

The book is based around Jack Morgan, who runs and owns a private investigation company. There are many different branches of the company around the globe to investigate some critical cases and murders. The company includes Jack Morgan himself, his team of investigators, a psychiatrist, a forensic scientist, and a talented computer hacker.

When Jack Morgans and his team of investigators are busy in the investigation of a multi-million NFL gambling scandal and the murder of sixteen school girls, at that time, Jack Morgan learns that his ex-lover and his best friend’s wife were murdered.

Basic information about the book

The plot of the book is very engaging and glorious. Its intriguing cases and mysteries within the novel’s story make this book a pure source of enjoyment and fun. The novel is very well written. With its thrilling and mesmerizing writing style, the story creates an emotional relationship with the reader. The association helps the reader understand the novel that ultimately gives a fantastic experience to the reader.

Layout and the design of the book


The layout of the book is understandable and straightforward. The illustrations are very well explained and described that sparkles in the reader’s mind, increasing the reader’s experience. The author has designed the book in a way that keeps the reader come back again and again.

Other information

The book is a fantastic piece of novel and storytelling marvel with its spice full and extraordinary cases full of thrill and suspense. It is recommended to the people who like quick reading and investigation. Private is a to-go for you. With different complex cases at the same time, the book perfectly picturizes how a private investigation company works. You can get ebook pdf free from here.