No More Mr. Nice Guy pdf download free is a non-fiction and self-help book by Dr. Robert A. Glover. The book is a plan to get what he wants in Love, Sex, and Life. The author used Nice Guy Syndrome for a person trying to be excellent. The novel describes the nature of nice men that can be nice by behaving a bit harsh and dark. The book gives some great advice generally to the reader for a better and happy life and relationship.

The book gives a piece of great advice always to put oneself first, which is necessary and should be like this. Always being a nice guy can be harmful and doesn’t bring happiness every time. Grover moreover describes masculinity not as the power of man to only reproduce but to survive and protect those who a man loves. Keeping a part to protect loved ones and to protect himself are very well described.

Intriguingly, the book describes how being a nice guy never gets you for what you were lovely. The author further talks about a guy who tries to seem nice by letting go, easily forgiving everyone, puts himself after others, tells lies, shows passive-aggressive behavior, inauthenticity, and caring for everyone.


Masculinity and a person trying to be nice are very well kept apart and described. The choice of words for the explanation of some essential aspects of life are well used. The book tells and advises one to be himself and put himself first to get what he wants.

The book is a must for not only men but also women, how a male feels for self-empowerment, and the relation between men and women. It is a must for that nice guy trying to be nice but always fails to please others, gets what he wants, and live a happy life. The book also gives some essential advice to males and females for a comfortable life and healthy and productive relationships.