Power: Why Some People Have it and Other’s Don’t pdf free download is a nonfiction self-help book by Jeffery Pfeffer. An amazing book that tells about the perfect balance between hardwork, power, and success.

What the book is giving

This self-help book perfectly describes and gives some key advice and tips and tricks on how to work hard and achieve your goals and success. The author also talks about the power that we gain and how we can use it. As from the title “why some people have it, and some don’t,” the author describes those rules and how some can implement them in their lives to succeed.

About the book

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The book has thirteen chapters that individually explain the key concepts about power, management, and success that create a perfect balance between these things and how they lead towards success and the ultimate goal. The author has done many pieces of research that he has quoted and used throughout the book. The author has also given many examples regarding power in the book that helps the reader better understand the topics, and he can quickly learn the different techniques and tools.

The author talks about power and how a person can gain control over it and correctly use it at the right time and spot. Anyone can gain power by conquering their fears and failures by learning from them and not repeating them. The author also talks about how someone can create a power base and work according to it.

Writing pattern of the book

Power is very entirely written. With its straightforward concepts and ideas, the book is easily understandable. The author has kept the writing very simple and cohesive yet very extensive and detailed. Everything is described in detail that makes the reader understand the fundamental concepts the author wants to tell. The book is written to get the reader through different levels as to how one thing is related to another and perfectly makes sense, leading the reader to understand.

Power is a fantastic self-help book that gives the reader the strength to use power in different life fields to achieve success. You can get ebook pdf free from here.