Mastery pdf download free is a fantastic self-help book written by an American author Robert Greene. The book is written on the lives of some legendary masters from the past like Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Darwin, and Leonard Da Vinci by analyzing their world-changing work. He has also added nine contemporary masters by interviewing them. This guide book helps the reader follow his goals, sharpen his skills, and ultimately become a master.

This motivational book is an inspiration and motivation for everyone who wants to master their skills. The author has described the struggles of the masters from the past. How they worked for several years for their discoveries and inventions. They mastered their skills and showed the world who the boss is. Today they are known for their mastery work.

One needs to focus on his goal to master a specific skill. He needs to put 10000 hours only into that skill. If one wants to learn, he has to put effort into it. The author used examples from masters’ life to motivate and inspire the reader. You need to have a teacher from whom you can learn your desired skill, put your efforts and learn it by heart. By putting you 100%, you’ll overcome your fears and obstacles and ultimately reach the highest level of mastery.


Being creative is very important in learning and mastering a skill. By creating and experimenting, you can understand your skills better. The creations will tell you where you need to work more and what you have learned and track your progress. Making mistakes and learning from those mistakes, and try not to make them again. Accepting criticism is one essential thing. All these extraordinary masters went through loads of fuss and rejections, but they kept working.

The book, along with stories and examples of the world’s masters, contains some important advice. Mastery is among those books that help someone explore more about what they like and how they can get that. This book is recommended to everyone who wants to grasp the skill they like or want to learn.