Ghosts of Saltmarsh pdf free download contain scenarios from a seaside small fishing village, Saltmarsh. That is located along the coast of the Azure Sea, which sits on the brick of chaos and destruction. People residing in this small village are sleepy enough to see the destruction and wreck waiting for them to come.

In which, moonshiners are planning to slay anyone who will be stopping them in their way are waiting to dismantle at hidden docks near the village and the ruthless Sahuagin, behind the wall of high tides, waiting to rage the coastal towns and villages. The fate of the drowned sailors with the help of black magic pushes them further to find revenge. The tradition of the forbidden god goes beyond and across the destroyed coasts of the sea to find new fresh victims. As the people of Saltmarsh doze without any protection and planning, the evil grows stronger and stronger in its aim and goal.


The “GHOSTS OF SALTMARSH” is an amazing mini campaign anthology of previous DnD campaigns, giving it’s readers a fantastic and authentic experience. With the addition of new creatures and characters feature, that takes it to a whole new level. This edition of DnD will not only give it’s reader some wonderful experiences but also plenty of new magical adventures in chapters of the book and different campaigns with detailed version of the key seaside town of Saltmarsh. The appendixes of the edition not only give you exceptional adventures but also loads of information and key tips and hacks for ships and related stuff.

If you are willing to go sailing over the sea or waterborne adventures with seafaring adventures and nautical experience with tons of magic and magical creations, this book is a big yes for you. So pack your bags and hop on for a sailing adventure. You can download the ebook pdf free from below: