The book has 9 chapters. The chapters describe the rules and regulations in super detail. The book contains 4 appendices. Each appendix gives extra detail and information regarding map, monsters and dungeons.

The chapters are so extensive and informative that they cover all the necessary information a DM needs to operate the Dungeon and Dragons campaigns. They tell you all about how you can create your own type of fantasy world with your own rules within game’s limit. The book tells about how a DM can create a fictional Dungeons and Dragons multiverse of its type.


The extensive and detailed information on the creation of adventures, characters, treasures and Dungeon Masters workshop is given in this book. The basic rules and regulations for operating the game are also given. These rules are necessary for everyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

This book gives a Dungeon Master that flexibility and free hand to customize and make his own campaigns, missions, conquests and stories. The DM can add remove or completely build and make whatever he likes. From monsters, different creatures, devils and demons to maps, magical items, missions, storylines and powers, this book gives power to a DM to make these. The book does not only allow a DM with this, but it also gives DM all that information he needs to operate the game or missions.

They layout of the book is attractive and beautiful. The book itself is easy to read. The detailed information, rules and illustrations are so finely given that they are easy to read. The world building tools that are given in book are very easy to use. The overall information and illustration not only acts as a tool for a DM but also spices the adventures in campaigns and makes the experience better. You may Also Like other Gaming Guides