The Pearl pdf free download by John Steinbeck

Review of The Pearl

The pearl pdf free download is written by John Steinbeck in 1944. This novella was published in 1947 and was based on a Mexican folk tale. John Steinbeck was an American novelist. He was Noble Prize in Literature for his marvelous imaginative and realistic writings.

The story is about Kino, a pearl diver and fisherman, and his family. One day Kino was sitting in his living room he saw a scorpion in his house. He went to kill him but before that, it had stung his son, Coyotito. He and his wife, Juana, took him to the local doctor. The doctor refused to treat their son because they could not pay his fee. Kino tried to convince the doctor but he failed. He went to find a pearl with his boat so that he could afford his infant treatment. After the firm dedication, he found an oyster.

When he opened it, he found it had a big pearl inside it which he called “The Pearl of World”. Kino had found pearl news spread like a wildfire. All the rich people and those who used to avoid him because of his poverty started visiting him. He convinced the doctor to pay him after he sold this pearl in the market. One night they noticed a robber in their house. But fortunately, the pearl was safe.

The next day he went to the market to sell the pearl he noticed dealers are not paying him according to its worth. He decided to take it to the capital as these people were trying to fool him. A person tried to snatch the pearl from Kino who he mistakenly killed. He decided to leave this town. When they went to their small boat, they noticed it has a hole and someone has burnt his hut to ashes. Three people came with guns and tried to take the pearl from Kino. A fire was shot in the meanwhile. He fought with them and won. But when he went back to his family saw that that bullet had been shot at his son and he died. Juana said that the pearl was the cause of it.

It was an interesting novella that grasped my attention till the end. The writing was simple and it was written from the third person. The theme of this novella was greed. That how greed took everything from diver even his infant. An amazing story with a great lesson.