Review of Bartleby the scrivener

Bartleby pdf free download, the scrivener was written by Herman Melville in 1853. Herman was an American novelist and story writer especially, short stories. He was called the poet of the American Renaissance period. He was best known for his novels of the sea, including the masterpiece and Moby Dick. His famous short stories were Bartleby, the scrivener, and Benito Cereno.

This is the story of a successful lawyer who hired Bartleby. He was a scrivener to get some relief from his hectic life. Bartleby did the work with diligence and worked hard to get his master’s confidence and finally won his confidence in just two days. Then he began to refuse all of his works. He started staring at the blank walls in the room and neglected all the works his master said to him to do.

His owner gave him a lot of time to recover from his problems. He wanted to fire him from the job and he tried too. The major problem was Bartleby who refused to leave. The thing the lawyer could do was to cope with the situation and he did the same. He left the place for some days. When he came back, he saw his employee Bartleby arrested by the police. The lawyer visited him in the tomb and found him roaming the yard. His owner felt pity for him. The main thing was the lack of communication.  

According to me, this is a great fictional story of a person who worked very hard in the beginning but as time went on, he kept on showing his rebellious behavior for his job. His master should handle him strictly but he could not. Bartleby knew that there are many better ways of living but the major drawback was that he could not get the right way to live. And then he died without getting his imaginative life. You can get the pdf book free from below: