Othello pdf free download by William Shakespeare

Summary of Othello

Othello pdf is a tragic play written by William Shakespeare in 1603. Shakespeare is the best English poet, actor, and playwright. He is the national poet of England. His almost all plays are translated into other languages. His early plays were comedies but later with time, he shifted towards tragedies and tragicomedies. His works are appreciated all over the globe until now.

Othello, the hero of the play, was a Moorish general of Venice. He fell in love with Desdemona and married her. He had a friend Iago. Othello promotes Michael Cassio to his personal Lieutenant. Iago became jealous of him because he thought Michael Cassio was not deserving for the post. After that he start making strategies against Othello. Othello and his wife were head over heels in love with each other.

By using other characters of the play Iago made a web of misunderstandings and disbelief between Othello pdf and his wife. Iago made him believe that his wife was disloyal to him. Othello killed his wife for betraying him. In the end, Emilia told Othello the truth. Othello, flushed with anger, fought with Iago and kills himself. Wounded Iago killed Emilia. But in the end, Iago was executed. The play ends with the words of Othello he said for himself for someone who remembers him. Othello was a strong army man but he could be easily manipulated by others which made him take a rash decision and he killed his innocent wife.

The theme of this play is jealousy and manipulation. It is an excellent classical read. William Shakespeare through this play gave its readers a lesson of handling relations. It is a marvelous dramatic play in which William Shakespeare reveals the evil side of Iago slowly that kept the suspense alive. It is a very entertaining play which made a base for its performance in theaters too. you can download ebook pdf free from below link:


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