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Summary of The Communist Manifesto

The communist manifesto pdf is written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848. It is considered to be the best political document of all times. Communist league commissioned them for writing it. It was written in German language but because of its ideologies, it was translated later into 200 different languages. It is considered the most influential written document in history.

The book is divided into four sections. This book explains the relationship between Communists and the proletarians and bourgeoisie. Originally serving as the program of working men association. Marx laid down the basic foundation of scientific socialism stating the history of class struggles and speaking up class interims in the age of capitalism. Marx and Engels said in the book that the history of class struggles is the driving force of history.

They wanted to change Capitalism to socialism and then socialism to communism. In the class struggle of working proletarians capitalist bourgeoisie. Marx and Engels detailed of a proletarian revolution worker-controlled government and worker control over the means of production. They also said that the family concept is based on capitalism as after the death all property of father is transferred to his son, not all the other people.

Moreover, in this book, they insisted that the labourer class and the working class should be paid according to their effort and struggles. Whereas, they are given a small amount of money as their pay and the rest of the profit i.e. the major part is given to the ruling class. The immediate of the communist is the as that of all other proletarian parties’ formation of the proletarian into a class overthrow of the bourgeoisie’s supremacy conquest of political power by the proletarian the Communist manifesto inspired many political movements and revolutions.

This book is written against capitalism. The major focus of the book was to influence the middle class and the public to adopt and spread communism. It is a book for people that love to know about the history and have an interest in political sciences. You can download ebook pdf free from below: