Book: The Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch summary is an ancient Hebrew apocalyptic religious text, ascribed by tradition to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. The Enoch refers to Idrees in the Urdu language. The book is basically written in Ge’es language but has been translated into the English language in the 19th century. Enoch contains unique material on the origins of demons and giants.

Why some angels fell from heaven, an explanation of why the Great Flood was a morally necessary, and prophetic exposition of the thousand-year reign of the Messiah. The book contains different sections at different times. The older sections of the text are estimated to date from about 300–200 BCE. The latest part probably to 100 BCE.

The Book was known by Jews and early Christians. This book was also quoted by some 1st and 2nd-century authors as in the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs. Authors of the New Testament were also familiar with some content of the story. A short section of 1 Enoch (1:9) is cited in the New Testament. Epistle of Jude, Jude 1:14–15, and is attributed there to “Enoch the Seventh from Adam” (1 En 60:8).

Before Christ, before Noah, there was Enoch. Enoch(Idrees) gives us one of the earliest, purely Judeo-Christian ideas of what Heaven is like. The God Machine that created the universe and wind and fire. It has had a huge influence on many future literary and genre authors. The Bible’s New Testament, and Hollywood Blockbuster movies.

The books would seem ordinary to you if you have had already read the Bible or Quran because most of the concepts reflect the same pattern. But overall reading this book is worth it.

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