Rigveda pdf download is a sacred book of Hinduism. This is thousands of years old book; Rigveda is a word of Sanskrit language which means a “collection of verses.” This book was written in 1500 BC, it is said that before writing it was learned and preserved orally. Moreover, it was scripted in 300BC. This is a religious book, and it was shaped in the sub-continent. Most Hindus consider this book as their holy religious book. This book consists of 10000 poems.

This is a collection of 10 books called Mandalas. It discusses philosophy, virtu, and other social characters. From 8 to 10 Mandalas deals with charity and the origin of the universe and nature. Moreover, the origin of the book is yet to be discussed. Some scholars say that it belongs to the Indo- Iranian period but when we read the book, we come to know that there are some words of Indo-Iraq region which means that the writer also visited those areas too.

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Further, the book is all about the old Indian society there is no specific reference of Hindu classes, rather it has divided them into other classes as farmers and labor also. The farmer was an important part of that society. It is said that this was collected and compiled by the Kuru tribe. After, their victory under the king Suds in Utter Perdeish later on known as the Kuru Kingdom. Moreover, believed that there were several other parts of the book. But those all demolished and only Rigveda survived entirely.

The editions of the book were revised again and again over some time. There are 30 different manuscripts of Rigveda collected from different parts of India such as Kashmir, Gujarat, Rajputana, and Central Provinces.  Some famous scripts are Devanagari, Grantha, Malayalam, Nandinagri, and Sharada. These divisions are made upon the regions of origin.

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