Heart of darkness pdf free download by Joseph Conrad

Summary of Heart of darkness

Heart of Darkness pdf free download by Joseph Conrad is a Psychological Fiction. Joseph was an English writer famous for his splendid novels. In 1899, Heart of Darkness was published in three series in Blackwood’s Magazine.

In the story an experienced seaman, Marlow who takes a voyage to Thames river. He narrates his companions on the way of his journey to the Congo river. He went there to collect ivory and a rogue ivory trader, Kurtz, on the behalf of his employer. Kurtz was employed by the government, he disappeared without any clue. when Marlow and his companions went near to their destination, they came to know that Kurtz had become a tyrant there and locals were the victims of his oppression.

He became king of that land and for tribal people, he was a god. Later he found that Kurtz was ill. Marlow takes him back to Europe and his way back, Kurtz died. Before Kurtz died, he looked at himself and said,” The horror! The horror”. Kurtz’s mission was to educate the natives but he diverted his path and become an oppressor. When Marlow came back to his country instead of telling everyone about the death of Kurtz, he lies to everyone that he lives in the heart of Africa in a jungle.

The theme of the novel is imperialism. In this novel, the gloom in Heart of darkness is the corruption and barbarism of the continent. The novel tells that even though the Europeans are sophisticated and civilized still they can be corrupt. This novel is a masterpiece of literary fiction. The writer has left the reader to decide the conclusion of this novel that enhances its beauty and makes a reader think about it. This novel has used difficult vocabulary that makes this novel a little more intriguing. You can get your ebook pdf download from the below link.