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Book: The Arabian Nights by Andrew Lang

The Arabian Nights is a collection of interesting stories that are full of wisdom. It gives a brief description of the Arabian culture. The traditions are one of the most important factors of a certain territory. It gives one of the best ways to know the dignity of Arab people and their glory. Similarly, it is quite mind-numbing that we can’t fully understand the real thinkings of Arabs. We denounce the importance of the Arabian culture.

Arabs never made alternations to their jurisdictions despite of a lot of changes in the world!


Hundreds of stories are quoted in that single volume. That revealed the story of a sultan that was in frustration. He started to take revenge on the females b marrying them. On the first night, he killed the female that marry him. Ultimately, the thing went terribly wrong for the sultan. Andrew Lang was a 19th-century poet, that belonged to Scotland. His tireless efforts have given strength to the readers at the part of phycology. Moreover, It captures the real personality of the reader. That’s the main reason that people like to read him in a thorough way.

As well as, he wrote a lot of poetic verses and managed to write stories, too. His stories also showed the ways of his thinkings. His views are quite delightful and made mankind believe that we always got options. So, if we think that life is harder. We are unable to carry on. Then we need to think again. Because, that’s where we’ll start winning and make a thinking of the world. All of us in that world are unmindful about the realities. Obviously, we don’t even try to understand why we are here? Freebooksmania is offering that book for free in ebook and pdf form.

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