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Book: Persuasion by Jane Austen

Persuasion by Jane Austen is a story of a girl’s youth. Giving the novel a romantic basis, the writer tells the story of a girl. The girl finds herself get rejected for a marriage proposal. Firstly, her family members rejected a young man, named Fredrick. They thought that he might not suitable for the girl. It was because the man was not a rich guy. He couldn’t afford a lavish lifestyle. Her family members were very conscious of her. They could take any sort of risk at the part of her future. But, one would have heard the hearing,

Nothing can take you away from the fate God created!

The girl found herself accepting the same guy. There were certain family members that induced parents to accept that proposal. But, at that time Fredrick rejected her. He felt embarrassed at his rejection. After almost eight years when Fredrick went wealthy, he met the same girl, again. But, he declared to marry any girl in the world other than the girl who rejected him. It is one of the best novels because of the success story of a poor guy. Jane Austen is a female English writer that always wrote to inspire ladies.

She thought that if they aren’t treated well there must be strict rules and regulations so that they may enjoy equal rights. In that world, women think that their marriage is their final destinies. If a woman is not socially independent, if she is facing ay issues regarding her personal life, then it must be condemned. She wrote to make people believe that we are unable to survive without ladies. The people of the earth have to join hands with each other, to give rise to the best territory for existence. She motivated women of the world with her novels and stories. Jane never wanted a woman to leave their dreams, because of their familial issues. Freebooksmania is offering his writings for free in ebook and pdf form.

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