Emma by Jane Austen book pdf download

Book: Emma by Jane Austen

Emma is a famous novel by Jane Austen pdf, and one of the most criticized pieces of literature. Emma is an arrogant lady who lives in a fictional village in England. She is admired for her beauty and cleverness. She lives with her father and her governess. Emma takes a lot of interest in matchmaking which is exceptional for the woman of her age. later on, She adopts a child Harriet after the Marriage of her governess.

Harriet is an illegitimate child but Emma does not care and give her blessings. Emma plays matchmaking as fun but resists the devastating effect. The story is really amazing and perfectly covers the love triangle situation. This book has also been projected on bigger screens and the audience really loves it. The end of the novel is wondrous and cherish each character gets his best match after a lot of drama. You can also get Paulo Coelho’s books pdf.