Aik Mohabbat Aur Sahi by Hashim Nadeem pdf Free Download

Book: Aik Mohabbat Aur Sahi by Hashim Nadeem

Aik Muhabbat or Sahih by Hashim Nadeem pdf free download is a sensation. This novel beautifully describes the story of a person who cleared his graduation in a very difficult way. But some of his friends can’t do it even in the last attempt. But they are best friends. Café Faraq is their favorite place where all four friends spend most of their time. Azan’s father was a teacher and a respectable person. Once azan and his friends beat to the robber and get jail. But he proved unguilty. But his father rusticates him from home. He lives on the footpath a night.

Starts a job as a tutor for 10 thousand monthlies to the daughter of a landlord. Further, for the second time, he lives with underworld don. He trains him as his special man and sends him on different campaigns. Actually, the girl to whom he taught was the daughter of that underworld don. AS well as, She was the only daughter of that person. She treats azan as his brother. Naheeda requests his father to treat him in the best way. After 4 years he starts an election campaign as MPA to make a revolution in area people support and he won the seat.

The writer Hashim Nadeem is my favorite actor who is renowned due to his famous novel “Abdullah”. He is the love of the current generation. His stories are not so weird he writes in a very simple way. So, Hashim is not too weird. His novels look like the biography of a person, not a story and I like this. Hashim belongs to Baluchistan, Quetta. Nadeem has won the best writer award and became famous. He is an MBBS doctor such a talented person. But one thing, he used his talent in the best way. The writer provided a new way of writing a novel to other writers. Freebooksmania is providing his writings for free in ebook and pdf form.

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