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Book: Anna Karenina by G.F. Tolstoy

Ebook pdf free Anna Karenina by G.F. Tolstoy is a novel that is based upon familial issues of a woman. The woman, named Anna, tries her best to tackle the situation. It reveals that if someone gets stuck in his mind-numbing thoughts, one must fight against himself. The mind is a thing that should be trained very well so that you have a firm grip on thinking abilities. It’s a love story in which there are failures and then unable to forget the first mistake. It clears the views of the woman about true love and compassion for herself.

Feelings bring about arrogance!

The woman was unable to sleep because she was worried about her upcoming future. She started taking drugs and sleeping tablets so that she may feel well. She made efforts to fit herself in the society that she thought matters. It’s a book that revealed a story of a woman that used to live in her imaginations and made herself comfortable, at times! G. F. Tolstoy is a Russian writer and has written novels based upon love, mostly.

His work is noteworthy because he made efforts to show who he really was. He was nominated for Nobel prizes and considered as the best authors of that century. Consequently, he got haters and naysayers that tried to bring him down in his bad times. But, he kept writing and shared his views about discriminatory questions. As usual, his past was dark and he lived a life like a poor. But time changed and gave him so much success. His attitude was also the best aspect that rose hime to the heights to fame and success. Freebooksmania is providing his writings for free in pdf form.