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Book: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Ebook free pdf Les Miserables by Victor Hugo is a very tragic and heart-rending story of a captivated person. Bread and butter compel a man to do anything, whatever he can do. Even if it is good, bad or ugly, he does, to make his survival intact. That person got no signs of shelter after he was released from the prison. But, a single ray of hope illuminated and exterminated the dark of disappointment.

Subsistence brings war, and war brings destruction. Symbiosis of foes!

The quest, that how he will spend rest of his of life, arouse when he meets a mayor. He makes a decision to be a gentleman and give up all the bad he did in the past. But, something awaited him for a long time, as if it was waiting to rise up after that decision. The novel gets thriller and interesting as it proceeds. Victor Hugo is basically a French poet, but he did write different novels that got fame, too.

Most of his writings are centered on making people believe that no one is gonna change you, but you. Change is always inside ourselves, but a few believe that fact. The reason for not believing in ourselves is that we do trust in our fears, more. Fear of nothing, that takes away everything! In every situation, we expect others to do something innovative and cheer. We, people, are dumb and never tried to analyze our personalities that have the power to change our lives. Freebooksmania is providing his writings in ebook and pdf form for free.

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