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Review: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain revolves around a very adventurous story of a character named as Tom Sawyer, that faces different difficult situations at the part of his professional, social and personal life leading him to a man of wisdom.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer reveals the facts and secrets that how to remain calm in the situations that are fatal to us, like how to control our state of depression when we get to know that the upcoming conditions can lead us any harm. Mark Twain wrote his feelings and expressed his state of happiness or sorrow in a logical and scientific way, that is also quite simple and digestible.

A person with little skills of language and able to understand the literature, proficiency is not mandatory, and the illiterate personalities also get knowledge about his writings by requesting a person to read it, which reveals the importance of his writings throughout the whole of Europe, Arab and Asia. People never criticized his ways of comparison in his writings, his sense of humor, and above all his habit of revealing the truths and facts. He always gave his own ideas and never tried to bogus his thinkings by anyone else in his books and novels. To some extent he uses to say that history repeats itself or not, he compared it with the river