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Book:- Zero Point complete by Javed Chaudhary

Zero Point part I to 5 by Javed Chaudhary is a set of all the columns written by the famous journalist till 2017. They all are collected into a single book and its pdf version is available here for free. The famous Journalist whose show “Kal Tak” appears on Express News. Also, writes in the Express Newspaper under the title of zero point.
He analyses the political situations and also writes about the side goings like the psychology of people. Balance in life and the historical figures which authenticates. His views and it attracts the common man of the country. Because his lavishly simple and flowing writing skills. It is directly digested by the reader. He soon becomes successful in establishing an absolute channel of information and views implementation.
Besides all of this, he also owns an IT company and he belongs from a strong family. Although sometimes his views are criticized by his columns are highly waited. all the five books are listed below the sixth version would be share soon to you. Kindly click below links to get your required stuff.