Shikari by Ahmad Iqbal pdf free download is one of the most famous series of Jasoosi digest and takes almost five years to publish completely. It comes in more than twenty parts and so far, it is one of the longest novels of Ahmad Iqbal.

Full of humor, history suspense and mystery Ahmad Iqbal known for that. Sikandar the hero who studies abroad returns by a mysterious call to his country. Find a lot of anomalies that his father is dead business is sideline no property is left. In all of this, he begins a war with his enemies. Which are also planning various terrorist activities in West Pakistan the story is set in the pre-1971 era.

I like very much Ahmad Iqbal because of his complete grip on writing. Which is really of literature standard. Humor poetry scripting and crafting everything is perfect. Except, sometimes the writer forgets about some characters and he again reproduce them.

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