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Book:- Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi by Mubeen Rasheed


Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi by Mubeen Rasheed pdf free download which is an amazing and most factual history book. it is written on the life of great Afghan Ruler Sultan Ghaznavi.

This book covers the maximum life event of the Sultan’s life and his accomplishment. He was given the title of The Idol breaker (Butt Shikan). Also, He has attacked almost 17 times on India and all of them became successful. Moreover, His contributions are considered as a building block on the Islamic revolution in the subcontinent.

The writer discusses the family tree origin of the Ghaznavi tribe and his early life. Also, He tells how he conquered Somnath and broke the Idol. Which was a great deception in the eyes of people because it was made of Iron and levitated in the air by magnets. 

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