Book:- Hazrat Ba-Yazeed Bastami Aur Padri urdu book pdf download

Hazrat Ba-Yazeed Bastami Aur Oun Ka Ek Padri Se Mukalma urdu book pdf download is now available in the religious section of this site for our readers.

Ba-Yazed Bastami was a great Irani sufi siant and known as sufi-e-sultan in Islamic society. Also, He is known for introducing sufism. Neglecting many social customs that restricts someone to express his love and purity for Allah.
The early incidents of his life are little known but his family tree is emerged from Iran. His sayings are although found in Arabic. Moreover, Bastami encourages self exploration and beleives in the finding of true love. Further, This book is the coverage of an incident that resulted into the conversion. Ra’abis into Islam which all goes to his credit and the knowledge which Allah Almighty has bestowed upon him.
Further, link of this book in pdf format and hopes that you will like it.