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Summary: Kaf e Aaina by Parveen Shakir 


Parveen Shakir is a great name in Urdu Poetry and her book Kaf e Aaina is remarkable. She was an intelligent lady whose work impressed everyone and her pain pierced almost everyone. She was divorced because her husband was jealous of her fame which hurt her very much because she was deeply in love with him. <–Adsense–>     Shakir utilized, for the most part, two types of verse in her work.

One is the common Ghazal, and the other being the free section. The most unmistakable subjects in Shakir’s verse are love, women’s liberation, and social marks of disgrace. However, she every so often composed on different themes too. Her work was frequently in light of sentimentalism, investigating the ideas of adoration, excellence, and their logical inconsistencies. Also, intensely incorporated the utilization of representations, metaphors, and exemplifications.   

Seemingly, Shakir can be named the main female writer to utilize the word larki (young lady) in her works. The male-ruled Urdu verse scene only sometimes utilizes that word and uses manly linguistic structure when discussing the ‘sweetheart’. Correspondingly, she regularly made utilization of the Urdu first-individual. The ladylike pronoun in her stanzas which, however to a great degree normal in exposition, was once in a while utilized in verse, even by female writers, previously her.   

On 26 December 1994, Shakir’s auto crashed into a transport while she was en route to work in Islamabad. The mischance brought about her passing, an incredible misfortune to the Urdu verse world. The street on which the mischance occurred is named after her.  Freebooksmania provides the Kaf e Aaina by Parveen Shakir poetry book for its reader for free and its download link is given below:  

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