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Book:- Insaan Aur Devta by Naseem Hijazi 

Insaan Aur Devta by Naseem Hijazi pdf is one of Naseem Hijazi books pdf free download and now it is available on freebooksmania. The writer is known for blessing Urdu literature with history in an authentic manner. This book is about the valor and sagacity of the Muslims in the old days when they have faith and courage in them. This novel shall let you know that how with only faith Muslims prevail in every battle, how much they cared for justice and equity. The writer actually wanted to let us know about our predecessor’s morality and esteem they had. He also discusses the causes of humiliation Muslims faced for their foolishness on becoming reckless in war and losing interest in people’s problem.

Naseem Hijazi is one of the most famous Urdu historians who has authored many historical novels and earned a repute by their art in literature. He was born in British India and later settled in Pakistan. His fame boomed in the era of great novelists like Ibn E Safi and others. He chose to write about Islamic history and he did very well. The level of content he has produced is considered highly credible than any other author in this field. He has tried wherever it is possible to cite his writings by an authentic source. He has a vast readership in Urdu lovers and his novels give a great enthusiasm to the reader. He has also successfully promoted Islamic culture and principles through his writings. The beauty of his novels relies on the romantic and continuous plot and a perfect wave of suspense in the sea of history. freebooksmania provides the download link of this novel in pdf format below: