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Kulliyat e Faiz Ahmed Faiz pdf download is  now on freebooksmania. Faiz Ahmad was a great poet and en ex-military official. Faiz Ahmed Faiz poetry pdf download.He was nominated for Noble Prize and he was called a poet of Modern World.He was a communist that’s why he faced many restrictions and oppression. Faiz Ahmed Faiz poetry books in urdu. He was also sentenced to Jail after that he was moved on self exile to Beirut. He was the tongue of helpless people.His poetry is remarkable and after Ghalib, Iqbal he is appreciated.
He was dismissed from army after being involved in Rawalpindi Sazish Case in which the mastermind General Akbar and his fellows try to overthrow the democratic government which was then failed. freebooksmania provides the download link of this pdf book below: