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Manuscript found in Accra full book pdf free download  is a historical novel by Paulo Coelho and its free version is on free books mania. The story of this novel is about the crusade invasion to Jerusalem in 1099. The theme of this novel explains the importance of fidelity the purity of soul the sincerity to someone’s religion and its commitment.

Manuscript found in Accra Paulo Coelho pdf English July 14, 1099. Jerusalem anticipates the intrusion of the crusaders who have encompassed the city’s entryways. There, inside the antiquated city’s dividers, people of each age and each confidence have accumulated to hear the savvy expressions of a secretive man referred to just as the Copt. He has brought the townspeople to address their feelings of trepidation with the truth:


“Tomorrow, congruity will move toward becoming strife. Happiness will be supplanted by misery. Peace will offer approaches to war… None of us can comprehend what tomorrow will hold, on the grounds that every day has it’s great and its terrible minutes. In this way, when you make your inquiries, disregard the troops outside and the dread inside. Our errand isn’t to leave a record of what occurred on this date for the individuals who will acquire everything of importance; history will deal with that. Hence, we will talk about our day by day lives, about the troubles we have needed to confront.”

The general population starts with inquiries regarding thrashing, battle, and the idea of their adversaries; they examine the will to change and the temperances of steadfastness and isolation; and they eventually swing to inquiries of excellence, love, intelligence, sex, class, and what’s on the horizon. “What is an achievement?” represents the Copt. “It is having the capacity to go to bed every night with your spirit settled.”

Presently, these numerous hundreds of years after the fact, the insightful man’s answers are a record of the human qualities that have continued all through time. What’s more, in Paulo Coelho’s hands, The Manuscript Found in Accra uncovers that our identity, what we fear, and what we seek after the future originate from the learning and conviction that can be found inside us, and not from the affliction that encompasses us. freebooksmania provides the download link of ebook pdf below: