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Muqddass by Hashim Nadeem pdf free novel. It’s all about the life of the atheist boy. His parents were Muslims. His father died in his childhood. So, he never studied religion deeply. The main background of this novel is the 9/11 tragedy that happened in America. Ayaan was a talented student. He was found on-street bike racing. In his university, there was a wing of Muslim students. Named as a Muslim student club.

Amir Habib was head of the Muslim representative society. But Ayaan never liked Amir Habib he always considered him as racist. Besides this, the facts were different. Ayaan contacts some Jews students to break the Muslim society.For this purpose, he joins the Muslim club. But soon he got impressed by Amir Habib. So, Ayaan became the next president of the society and he wants to make a grand gathering of Muslim students from all universities of New York.

Ayaan invites a Muslim scholar for a speech on the topic “Islam is a peaceful religion.” but when the CIA knows about this, they arrest Ayaan is some bomb case. But he got bail. Muslim club successfully arranges the seminar.But the management was unhappy with all this because the university was critical dominant. University starts a trial on Amir Habib and Jabir. In this activity university rusticate and depot the Amir and Jabir. After some days CIA again arrests Ayaan.

He portrays a fiction in such a way that it looks like real. Abdullah is his masterpiece this novel was translated into too many languages. Hashim writes parallel with spirituality and romance. Also, most of his books won the award. He has also won the best writer award of the year. His drama serial Khuda Aur Muhabbat won lux hum style awards as the best drama of the year. here BooksPond provide you free pdf of all his books.

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