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Aab e Kausar   is now on Free Books Mania,it consists of two main parts: one – about virtue, and the other – a collection of various Daruds. The author gives a detailed account of the advantages of the recitation of the Lady to the Prophet.Aab e Kausar by Mufti Muhammad Ameen He provides links and gives detailed information. He cited references from the Quran and Hadith. He told about past events concerning Muslim saints. Aaab e Kausar book pdf download,The second part contains various Darudas. These Darades are found in various Islamic books.
This book is a gift of the lover of the Holy Prophet. I hope you enjoy this book. This book can be downloaded for free in pdf.
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  1. AOA Please accept heartiest congratulation on publishing of this honourable book.
    please let me inform when if your other books on this topic or relevant. thanks a lot.


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