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Siyasat Ke Firaun by Wakeel Anjum Pdf Free Download is the book on the Punjab landlords and their political influence and careers .Siyasat Ke Firaun by Wakeel Anjum Pdf Free Download.The book explains the political history of barons  and landlords of Punjab from the war of Independence 1857,some of them used their last drop of blood to make British back and push away from their land they lost their everything in that resistance and on the same line,there were also some cowards and ignorant landlords who only saw wealth and betrayed their brothers and land and took side with the British.They were rewarded for being faithful to the English and treason to their homeland.The  ebook free download also tells us about the nature of these people who also filed false claims for land in Pakistan and how they got into political system.Siyasat Ke Firaun has also give us account by Chaudhary Nisar the ex-interior minister.Free books mania has provided the free download link  below:


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