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Eleven Minutes Paulo Coelho pdf free download is another masterpiece by Paulo Cohelo, the writer of The Alchemist. Eleven minutes is a novel that tells how life is changed in a short piece of time when something unusual happens in our lives. The eleven minutes is a novel about a Brazilian girl whose dreams take him to a life of prostitution. The girl moves from Brazil to Switzerland to earn a fortune and fame but she has to work in a nightclub and later she quit it and decides to become a model in the future but she hasn’t enough money to make that goal.
Then she became a prostitute by spending a night with a rich Arab and onward she move to the bog of prostitution in Geneva. later on, she met with Nyah who gave her advice to start the specific business on its own she became famous and her colleagues became to envy her. The turning point in her life approaches when she came across a painter, Ralf who made her see her inside. She falls in love with him, as both the worlds are different, prostitution and Love.she decides to leave Geneva but in the end, she became aware of Scared prostitution which refrains her to choose the path of love. The  Eleven minutes novel is actually about the nature of sex and self-exploration. The novel is given Free Books Mania and the download link is given below: