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Agency rules by Khalid Muhammad  pdf free download is an espionage novel which is actually based on the Soviet union and Afghan war.The story of the book leads us to the diplomatic issues,warfare operations in the north border.when soviet union broke into Afghan territory and tension builds up between Soviet union and Pakistan,As Pakistan also became suspicious about Soviet unions action,at that time Mujahadeen stands up and took down the super power badly,they consider it a do or die case for themselves because they belonged to that land and now it was going to slip below their steps.The novel ebook free download has a hero Kamal who left all the comforts and became a sniper and later on a best sniper warrior.As the country was facing the worst international espionage double standards some militants arose to take Pakistan into that wrath but Kamal stands up as for him it is a high mission not for his land but for the whole nation.Agency rules by Khalid Muhammad  download link is given below BY Free Books Mania :
Agency rules by Khalid Muhammad ebook pdf free download
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