The book market is very versatile. New authors show interesting and sophisticated plots for experienced readers. There are tons of new and prospective writers sharing their talents all over the world. However, they used to have a limited pool of readers due to language difficulties. There could be a marvelous writer sharing the love story or a full-scale adventurous plot to the readers from other countries.

It would be unfair to leave the popular novels untranslated for the global audience. Hence, there is a professional transcription service from Transcriberry together with the expert translators in the industry to help readers enjoy the immaculate stories from foreign writers.

These days, there are lots of highly-qualified translators who can render the sense of the story from the original with minor differences in the translated work. This way, readers can enjoy the unique style of the writer even in the translated novel. What are the most read novels from foreign writers? If you enjoy interesting plot twists and psychological tension, nice character descriptions, and various adventurous events, the following list of translated novels will fit your taste!

1. Three Strong Women by Marie Ndiaye


Let’s start this list with the award-winning novel. If you enjoy complex and interesting characters, you will be admired by the number of controversial subjects of the novel. You don’t even need to use a transcription service to translate the book, because it’s been professionally rendered already.

The story tells about the life of three strong women who try to fight against the men’s world. Their self-respect and resilience help them stand against the rules dictated by the men. It’s not regular masculinity that’s described in the story. It’s about the toxic representation of a man concerning women.

2. Beauty Is a Wound by Eka Kurniawan


Let’s proceed with a well-developed, polyphonic novel. The story tells us about the life of a prostitute and her four daughters. With the help of transcription services, you can translate the original saga and understand the idea of the book. The horror history of Indonesia’s independence through colonialism is described in the book. You will read about the family’s story full of horrific events, a lot of raping experiences, murders, and other unbearable cases. If you enjoy intellectual reading with different plot twists, you will enjoy the book full of allusions from other texts of famous authors.

3. The Vegetarian by Han Kang


Are you tempted by the horror reading? Then you must like the work of Han Kang. His Vegetarian story is a perfect example of the horror with the woman playing the main role, however, being speechless. You won’t hear a word from her in the book, because she unpersons herself for the desires of others.

Violence is present in the story, but it makes the whole book so true and realistic. There’s something beautiful in the horror presented by the author. If you want to enjoy the thrill and make it the best reading experience, the translated English version of the book will amaze you for sure.

4. The Barefoot Women by Scholastique Mukasonga


This is a deep and intense novel telling the reader about the life of a mother and their loving daughters on a land. The book tells how women could be tied to each other and to the land they belong to. The novel consists of several chapters each of which reveals a new life challenge that women had to face.

This isn’t a funny story, though you can find some positive moments of faith, love, and trust between the lines. The book tells about the life of women with a lost home, devastated hopes, and dreams. It’s an unforgettable story of sacrifice that a loving mother can do to their children. And it’s been professionally translated to let the readers enjoy the book.

5. Train Dreams by Denis Johnson


This is not a bright or cheerful story of a man. This is the story of the devastating wildfire that took the lives of the family belonging to the main character. The untamed loneliness and anger filled the inner soul of the man who lost everything he had in life.

The event turned him into a complete hermit. He joined the woods and became a part of them, while the rest of the country modernized itself around the woods. By reading the novel, you will feel empathy for the character, no matter what events he went through. This is what the readers like the author for.

6. The Story of My Teeth by Valeria Luiselli


The book is a story of a flamboyant liar who collected teeth from famous people. A nice plot, isn’t it? When you read the book, you have to get the meaning between the lines. The whole story is about the value of material things in their highest representation. The story tells about the collector who gets all in to get the teeth from Merlin Monroe and implant them in his mouth.

On the surface, the story is quite strange and not worthy. But the inner idea of the book is revealed in the details. By reading the story, you will see how much the relics designating the immortal value of material things can mean to people. The translation of the book could have been done by the transcription website, but a top-rated translator joined the game.

7. Sudden Death by Alvaro Enrigue


Are you interested in impressionist writing? If you like when the plot is sophisticatedly twisted with the characters taken from different stories, this book will meet your most extravagant tastes. At first, you might think that the novel is about a tennis match between the poet and the artist. But the inner sense and the in-depth idea are far behind the tennis play.

You may find it complicated to find the connection between some missing parts of the story. This is a book for true intellectuals who can dive into the plot and understand its collisions. The more you read, the closer you get to the point written by the author and translated by the dedicated expert of the word.

8. Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward


Do you enjoy impressionistic novels? This is a specific genre in the world of literature that has its pool of flowers. If you fall into this particular pool, you won’t need a transcription company to understand the idea behind the story. It’s such an interesting experience to read impressionistic masterpieces and try to guess what the author’s intentions were.

The family is in danger because of the hurricane. There’s a dog and the puppies missing, so the father of the family decides to stay and wait until the puppies return. This is the care that is manifested in the story. You can find lots of other senses when reading the book.

9. Flights by Olga Tokarczuk


It is a phenomenally successful novel by the Polish author. However, the type of writing doesn’t meet the criteria of a regular novel. When you read the book, you fall in love with the characters from different epochs and stories. At first, it may seem that the book is full of scattered and discontinuous chapters. However, in the end, who can call our life a smooth and consistent chapter? The book got its readers via its relaxed and a bit messy vibe you may also enjoy while reading.

10. Disoriental by Negar Djavadi


Let’s finish the list of worthy novels with the multiple-prize-winner book. The story in the novel tells about the life of a girl who fled from Iran and managed to build a new home in France. However, her past and the stories from the ancestors who became a part of her life make her dizzy. She can’t deal with her disorientation when the traditions and customs from her country bombard her in waves. You must enjoy the well-prepared translation of the story into the English language.


Reading is a nice therapy. However, at times it gets complicated to find a nice piece of literature from the national authors. Hence, the translated books come to the fore. There’s nothing bad in the idea of getting closer to the art of foreign writers. If you can’t catch difficult words from the original, it’s better to read the translated version of the story.

There are plenty of books that are worth your attention. You have already found out the top 10 most read novels by foreign writers. You may find them interesting or get inspired and look for other examples in the world’s literature. It’s always a nice idea to cross the borders and see what other authors can suggest.