Online writing services are awesome conveniences of the modern world our parents could only dream of. They are a blessing to students with too much to do in too little time as they help make deadlines, prioritize tasks, and relax for a change. These services have proved so popular that new ones keep constantly popping up to join in on the gold rush creating a problem of too much choice. With so many available alternatives, how do you find the best one?

Considering that a lot of these writing websites are industry amateurs, low-quality providers, or outright scammers, you need to be very careful with your choice. You are already on the right side of caution, having landed on this article. Let us teach you how to filter away duds and zero in on the best writing services available online!

1. Price vs. Quality


The cheapest is not always the best. It is common knowledge that price and quality are usually inversely proportional. Paper writing that largely determines your academic performance and possibly your entire future success is not something you want to cheap out on.

First and foremost, avoid writers and services with unreasonably low prices at all costs. Those are either scammers or beginners, and you will end up ripped off or stuck with an unusable paper. Writing a good paper requires careful research, general intelligence, writing skills, and time, so no one is going through all that trouble without fair compensation.

Cheap services will often plagiarize or crudely paraphrase others’ work and turn your paper in late or not at all, so avoid shady writers on obscure websites just to save a couple of bucks. If you are looking for a trusted writing service, you should check out Grab My Essay and be sure that your papers are in good hands. Remember, a little extra payment can buy you something much more valuable – time and relaxation, as well as peace of mind knowing that the quality of your paper is guaranteed.

2. Get to know your writer

High-end writing services offer a custom approach to their clientele. They include writers with diverse writing skill sets and assign them based on their area of expertise and experience, which is especially important with highly specialized papers. These writers will often chat with their clients to understand the particular requirements of the task and answer the specific needs of the project. This is the writing service equivalent of suit tailoring. Writing is a very delicate craft and knowing the language and having general writing experience is not always enough. But bear in mind that such attention to detail comes at a higher price.

Try to pick a writing website that includes writers’ portfolios, reviews, and prior experience. This way, you can gauge the writers’ abilities and judge whether they are right for you.

3. Feedback & Reviews


You will never truly know what you are getting the first time you hire a writer to do your essay. It can take some trial and error before you find and secure a trusted service you can rely on sustainably. But you likely decided to take this path in the first place because you are running late on a deadline or are overworked with other duties, so you can’t afford to take chances. You need to gather as much information about writers as you can to decide whether they have the writing skills your essay requires.

Thankfully, others have realized this issue and created a bunch of review websites that evaluate and rank different writing services and writers themselves. Some writing websites feature customer reviews themselves, but those can never be fully trusted to be objective, so better consult third-party sources. Other customers’ insider opinions and experiences can be telling signs of whether a particular writing service is worth your time and money. Of course, you can also just ask a friend who has used these services for their recommendation.

4. Request samples

You can never be sure of writing services’ abilities until you see them in action. Every respected service is bound to provide working samples of their previous work for customers to understand what they offer. Conveniently, high-end services usually feature samples on their website, but should they not, you can always ask for them during negotiations.

Writer portfolios and work samples are default tools for any established writer or writing service, so if a company fails to provide one, that should be an instant red flag that you might be dealing with a sub-standard service or even a scam. Samples are the quickest and most telling way to gauge writers’ skills and abilities.

5. Turnaround time


Many people address these services because they are overworked and running behind on deadlines. It is important you verify that a service respects its deadlines and has a short turnaround period. But treat those that offer too short return times with a grain of salt; this can either mean you are dealing with professionals with an efficient workflow or a low-quality service who will phone in lazy work.

Bottom line

Finding a trustworthy and high-quality writing service is not that easy in a sea of wildly varying options, but thankfully, you only have to go through the trouble one time. Once to lock down a website or writer you like, you can just stick with them from there on. We are glad you took the time to conduct some research instead of jumping at the first writing service search result in Google, and we hope our advice was of some assistance!

Joanne Elliot is a professional content writer. She has accumulated vast experience in various roles in the writing business over the years and knows the industry inside out. Joanne recently decided to cut out the middleman and start her own writing business.