Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder pdf free download is a trading book. this book is based on three M’s like Mind, Method, and Money. It covers the psychological struggles and technical tools of a trader. Moreover, forecasting effects and results of market and simple risk management rules and policies. In every business, the psychological impact is very important. If you’re not able to read yourself and control your emotions in front of other they will hurt you and take a benefit from it.

Moreover, for a trader, it is important to read the mind of others in the market. What are they thinking and how they will react? When you have to take benefit from them. These things make you a strong trader. Moreover, after reading this book you will learn how to become a cool, calm, and collected trader. How to find entry and exit points in the trade. Moreover, a computer is a very strong tool in trading. How to use a computer to find a hot point in the market. How to develop a strong trading system using a computer.


Further, through the computer, you will be able to find the probability of good and odds. Also, trading for a living makes you able to manage money in your accounts and kick away losses. Moreover, to help out this book has multiple choice questions and their answers are given. Alexander Elder is an American trader and trade teacher. Moreover, he is a writer of few trading books like Trading for a living, comes to my trading room.

His entries, and exits. He was born in Russia and raised there. Further, he did his graduation in medical. Also, did his first job on the Russian navy ship. After that, he succeeded to escape and in America, he started as a broker in the start market. His books are translated into several languages.

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