The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer Pdf free download. This is a spiritual book, that makes you able to understand the importance of your inner peace and serenity. When your inner satisfied and stable many problems solved automatically. Peace of soul is such a great blessing by Devine. But we have to explore it by ourselves. This book will reconstruct your relationship with yourself and your soul. It explores and tells you how able you are.

Your worth and importance in front of yourself. It helps to control your emotions and habitual thoughts. Also, it ensures that what you want to achieve in your life. This book starts with walking away through your relationship with soul and emotion thoughts. Helps you to uncover the emptiness and fluctuation in your inner energy. This book mainly focuses on Yoga and Meditation. Also, make you strong spiritually, this book stands with the spiritual lesson of Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad (SAW).


The book isn’t too long only consisting of 110 pages. But, after passing through the pages of the book you will be able to how to find yourself, you have just gotten distracted on disoriented. Moreover, you will realize that you can recognize yourself also able to free yourself. Further, you will not blame others you will know the empowerment and self-realizing power. You will know exactly what must be done. This book was published with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

The author Michael A. Singer did his master’s from the University of Florida in economics in 1971. During his work, he went to sacculation and started the journey of self-exploring. The in 1975 he found Temple of Universe where everyone, from every religious background, can perform Yoga and take lessons to find peace, spirituality, and soul satisfaction.

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