The Cat in The Hat by Dr. Seuss pdf free download is a children book written in 1957.  The story begins with a girl named Sally and her brother; he is also the narrator of the story. He was sitting in the window in his room and watching outside the room in the courtyard. At this time a cat with a red hat on her head and a red strip wearing as a tie. She enters the room and starts to play games with him.

She proposes a game, as the cat balances the fish on the tip of the hat. The game becomes more interesting and trickier she balances herself on the ball and she balances herself on different household things and shows tricks to children. In the end, she ends falling in her head and the boy dropped everything in his hand and then the cat in the hat proposes another game. She brings a red box from outside and releases two things and named them Thing One and Thing Two.


These things were like flying kites and it started sticking with different things on the wall. Then the children feel bad, boy and cat out them back in the box and feel ashamed for children. The mother was out of home and then the children take the cat out of the house and leave the fish and children to the original place from where the story starts. But soon the cat returns home and they feel like a friend with them.

Theodor Seuss was an American children writer, cartoonist, illustrator and poet, scriptwriter, and filmmaker. Moreover, he has written almost 60 plus books, and most books were related to children. He graduated from Lincoln College, Oxford. But he persuaded his career as a cartoonist and illustrator. He has also worked as a political cartoonist for a newspaper.

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