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The art of electronics by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill pdf free download is a book that deals with analog and digital electronics. This book was published in 1982 for the very 1st time and then its 2nd edition published soon. But, the third edition was published in 2015. When the author received many errors and also the advancement in the technology the old analog did not use too much.

Moreover, this book deals with the different types of electric circuits and discussions of such electronic related things. The book also has examples related to the boards and algorithms. Moreover, it tells about what makes and circuit good and bad. Depending upon the design of the circuit. In this modern world of technology, the electrons are the basics of everything. Everything operates over electricity.


So, the understanding of electricity is necessary. Further, a common also have some knowledge about it. Because has become part of our lives. We have to deal with it efficiently. Moreover, this book has strong references to other famous books related to electronics. For further details, you can read them. Electronics is a very complex subject. A minor mistake can lead to the failure of the whole circuit.

Further, their thousands of algorithms used to make the work efficient. Many studies are offered by different institutes related to electronics. Electrical engineering and some other bachelor degrees are the main fields of performance. Paul Horowitz is a co-author of this book. He is an American physicist and electrical engineer. Moreover, he is known for his research work in extraterrestrial intelligence.

The author is a graduate of Harvard University. At the age of 8, he received a distinction as a radio expert. Moreover, Winfield Hill is also co-author of this book. He is the director of the electrical engineering laboratory Rowland Institute of Harvard University.

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