Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens pdf free download this novel published as a serial between 1836 and 2837. It was the second novel by the writer. In later 1837 its publications ended. The story of the novel revolves around the life of an orphan children Oliver twist. Moreover, this novel exposes the cruel treatment of society towards orphan children. Further, the violation of their rights in London. He was born in a workhouse.

His father died early his birth and his mother died in childbirth. Then he was raised by a woman in the workhouse. He lives a very poor life with a small number of clothes and meals. In the Wearhouse, he has to do some work. Until the age of 9 years, he lives in the workhouse. Then a woman pushes him out into the main workhouse with other children for work. Whare he has to work hard. But in return, he gets nothing other than a meal two times.

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One day they played a game in that game the guy who finishes his work, in the end, will not get his meal and he will give it to other boys. Unfortunately, Oliver lost the game. He tried to manage his meal and asked the Wearhouse keeper to give him more to put in his belly. So, that he could sleep. After a few days, Mr. Sowerberry owns Oliver. He brought him to his house and treats him better and he has to work very little.

But his wife was not happy with Oliver and she treats him badly in the absence of Mr. Sowerberry. Moreover, in that street other boys bullied him and treats him badly, and call him a charity boy.  Charles Dickens was a famous English writer and social critic. He was famous due to his fictional characters and his novels were infamous in the Victorian Era.

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