Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf pdf ebook download is a story of Clarissa Dalloway a fictional high society woman in pre 1st World War in England. The story of the novel is generated from the two short stories of writer Mrs Dalloway in Bond Street and The Prime Minister. She hosts a party at her house, and then she reminds about her past spent in Burton. Then she thinks about her husband to whom she married.

She thinks that, why she had married him, meanwhile she had an option to marry Peter Walsh a very energetic man. Moreover, a very close family friend. Then she married to Sally Seton. Perter Walsh reintroduces these conflicts by vising her residence this morning. The other main character is Septimius Smith is a survivor of world war I and is suffering from deferred traumatic stress. He spends his days with her Italian wife.

He had hallucinations concerning his friend Evans who died in the war. After involving in any conflict in the hospital he commits suicide, jumping from the window. This novel has two different storylines. But the main narrative of the novel is that everything heals with time and the mental approach goes down with time. Moreover, at a later age, you don’t think too much.  Moreover, mental illness is a bigger concern of this era also.

People are suffering from depression; they are unable to fight with problems and ends with life. The writer Virginia Woolf was an English writer and considered one of the most important modernists of the 20th century. She was born in South Kingston in London. Also, she is the founder of Hogarth Press. She was the prey of mental illness throughout her life. Moreover, she died in 1941 at the age of 59 due to Bipolar Disorder.

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